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We’re taught at a young age to listen, learn, memorize and repeat back information, receiving positive or negative feedback based on our ability to repeat that information. Pretty much, can you become a parrot? 

At NEVER SETTLE, we empower listeners to think for yourself, challenge status quo,  and the “they saids” of society. We question everything, constructively,  sharing perspectives, opinions and information from a variety of sources that encourage you to think a bit deeper before making an empowered choice.

“Learn to think for yourself, or the world will think for you. Live your own life, living FREE.

In a 2020 study from global researchers, 11 Minutes of Exercise a Day Counters Effects of Sitting, 35 Minutes Being the Sweet Spot. Recognizing that many of us are tied to our computers, devices or video conferencing for much of the work day, movement is more crucial than ever for our well-being. In addition, for many entrepreneurs and business owners, we're non-stop wearing multiple hats leaving very little time for wellness and learning (both of which, can better our businesses).

Hence, the origin of NEVER SETTLE, where each podcast is 11-35 minutes in length designed for you to walk on a treadmill, take a run outdoors, or stretch your body while listening in to leaders and entrepreneurs share their experiences, insights and lessons that have helped them to THRIVE in life and business.

Hosted by SARA QUIRICONI | Web | @livefreewarrior

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